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WordPress websites for small businesses

Overwhelmed by your website?

Carr Designs love helping people feel more confident about their site and get the most from their digital shop front. Basically I take the jargon out of tech. Explain everything as succinctly as possible to empower you to make the right choices for your business.

When Deborah Carr retrained as a web designer in 2014, not only did she find her perfect job, but she successfully amalgamated many facets of her earlier career. Deborah studied design at university and has always had a very creative and arty eye. But she also has over 20 years’ experience working in IT customer service and is adept at looking after customers and understanding exactly what they want and need. Thankfully her knowledge of IT and data through her roles, meant she didn’t find technology and code in the least bit scary. So, after her training, a dynamic, customer focused, creative web designer and developer was born.

Deborah loves to remove the tech jargon out of web design to make people feel comfortable and informed about the choices they are making. Customers don’t need to understand what CSS, PHP and Javascript is, because she does. She can explain what is needed for each customer simply, without blinding them with science. By holding their hand and listening to their needs, Deborah can gently educate them on how she’ll create a beautiful, functional and fit for purpose website for them.

Carr Designs Deborah Carr at Kew Gardens

We are here for the long haul not just for your website.

Carr Designs is invested in you and your business…

A key part of Deborah’s ethos is that she wants to build long term relationships with her clients, continually developing their site and online presence as part of their team. These relationships are based on mutual trust, as often clients will have to give access to most of their systems as well as sensitive or protected material. Deborah also has an extensive list of contacts and partners, so she knows that if she can’t personally help with something, she’ll definitely know someone who can.

Carr Designs want to cater for every budget and every business. By bringing her career experience, technological know how and creativity together, Deborah works with clients to create websites that will make their business thrive.

When not doing clever things with websites, Deborah can be found pursuing her love of ceramics and photography, or dragging her husband, two children and her new puppy with her on hiking expeditions.

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