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Would your business benefit from seeing what your customers see?

My website audit is just like an online ‘MOT’ to give your website the once over.

Not only do I run a professional eye over your website and go through your content, navigation and design with a fine tooth comb, but I also give you feedback from a user perspective.

I also take a look at the three V’s…


Is your message coming across and potential customers know your values and the benefits to your services?


Can people find you? Will you be seen if people are searching for your type of business?


Is your site secure and safe from hackers and cyber attacks? How well do you keep your site up-to-date?

What will I get with the website audit?

  • Video’d walk through of your website. Looking at your site from a user point of view as well as a design perspective.


  • Detailed bullet points of what your pinch points are and areas in need of improvement.


  • I also let you know what you are doing well and to keep going with!


  • Short term fixes and a long term plan. I understand that you may not wish to implement everything straight away so a few quick fixes will get the ball rolling and help you start to improve your online presence. But I also like to help you look at the bigger picture. A few quick fixes may not be the answer so a bigger investment for your business website may well¬† be in order.

What types of things do you cover in the audit? …and how much does it cost?

  • Navigation
  • Design
  • Branding continuity
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Making sense of the site (Who you are and who is your ideal client)
  • Image formatting
  • Broken links
  • Call to actions
  • Is your site user friendly?

This list is not exhaustive and I will discuss with you before the audit if there is something specific you would like investigated on your site.