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Siteground website hosting – is it all in the performance?

I was going to write a blog about the pros and cons of different hosting companies, comparing the speed, performance, cost and sustainability of the different hosts out there. But obviously I wouldn’t be able to cover all of them as there are hundreds and the beauty of the internet means you can pop your website and domain name pretty much anywhere in the world. See my blog on hosting choices

What I have decided to do instead, is tell you why I chose Siteground out of the myriad of website hosting companies and what has made me decide to stay with them.

Untitled design 4 Values

Two reasons I use them is because not only for the value they bring to my business but the Values they hold that align with my business. Values that I hold dear to my business are:

  • Giving clients a high standard of work
  • Going the extra mile to make sure that the client has any query or issue resolved and explained in a manner they can understand.
  • Making things easy and accessible by giving clients tools to help them with their business
  • Integrity – no hidden costs
  • Exceptional customer services. Empathising with clients and a genuine regard to help their clients get the very best out of their service.

Untitled design 4 Value Added To The Business

I see them more as a collaborator, a partner even rather than a very large company that I do business with. Does that seem ridiculous?

Untitled design 4 Trust

Why would I think we would have vested interests in each others businesses? I feel that I can trust them with my business and that of my clients. I don’t expect them to never have issues with their service; it’s the internet after all and some things are beyond our control. What I can trust them to do is to help me, with the unfailing support team to get it sorted in a timely fashion and with a desire to make sure I have got all I need to get back to my business.

Untitled design 4 Customer Experience

I sub-host. I take care of my client’s hosting of their websites and I also maintain them. It makes life so much easier to know that they are covered by a quality hosting service provider and that they have great plugins for WordPress websites. Migrating, Optimisation and Security alongside their inbuilt tools to help with their free SSL certificates, staging sites, free CDN, free emails and 24/7 customer support.

Untitled design 4 Value For Money

So what about cost? Siteground website hosting comes out as slightly more expensive than others. I did think I would move away from them when they put their prices up but then I had a couple of clients on a much cheaper hosting service who I had to get in touch with as their websites were down.

I contacted these website hosts on my clients’ behalf and I was number 260 in the chatbot queue. It was the most nervous hour and a half of my life waiting to see if I would get cut off. (this happens a lot to a very large American host that thankfully few of my clients still use). When I eventually got through it was merely to tell me that it was to do with one of their servers and multiple users were affected. To cut a long story short, these clients quickly made the decision to move over to my hosting.

Untitled design 4 In Short

Siteground website hosting has amazing performance and a company that takes it’s carbon footprint seriously. It partners with Google which has been carbon neutral for many years.

It is always advisable to be aware of your budget, what your clients can afford based on their business size but it is always worth investing in quality products and services and Siteground offer this in spades.

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